21 Cheat Sheets You Need If You're Trying To Cook More

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For perfectly cooked vegetables every time:

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For your summer barbecues:

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For finding the best meatless protein sources for you:

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For choosing the healthiest greens for your salad:

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For saving all of your produce for later:

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For cooking mushrooms the right way:

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For knowing which herbs to use:

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For knowing everything there is to know about knives:

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For when your mouth is on fire:

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For using all of your produce before it goes bad:

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For picking the kind of cheese you actually need:

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For effectively using all of the oils in your pantry:

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For when you feel like your cookbook was written in a different language:

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For sounding smart when you talk about wine:

For remembering conversions:

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For choosing a beer for your meal:

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For prepping the classiest wine & cheese party ever:

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For sauces that pair with basically anything:

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For using the right kind of sugar in your baking:

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For eliminating the need for a rice cooker:

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For distinguishing between different cuts of beef:

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