Robert Kirkman's 15-year journey with 'Invincible' is over. Here's his story.

Get the Full StoryProceed with caution, Invincible fans. Light spoilers ahead in the last section of this story for the comic's final issue. Read the issue first if you don't want to ruin any surprises.

In issue 7, Invincible gutted us. And then, in issue 11, it happened again.

The twists never actually stop in this superhero story that defies all known comic book logic. For 144 issues, Invincible journeys through a DC Marvel-ian universe that weaponizes your sense of familiarity in the name of a compelling story.

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Characters die, and they don't come back or, when they do, there's a logical reason for it . Good and evil exists in the moment, never hinging on static 'hero' and 'villain' labels. But Invincible goes further than simply obliterating familiar tropes. Read more...More about Entertainment, Film, Comics, Seth Rogen, and Invincible