A Trainer Shares 3 Kettlebell Exercises That'll Give You a Toned Booty

Get the Full StoryThe kettlebell can seem like a weird contraption, especially if you've never used it before. But before you just glance over it the next time you're at the gym, consider giving it a try. Kettlebells are great for building up grip and core strength, and you can achieve more movement with them than with dumbbells or a barbell. But we wouldn't toss you into the deep end all on your own if you're a beginner.

We talked to Francheska Martinez, certified trainer and stretch therapist at Onnit Academy, who shared three kettlebell exercises photos included! that you can start incorporating into your workout routine ASAP. These movements are particularly good for your legs, glutes, and core. You'll be one step closer to a toned lower body and flat abs!

See descriptions for each movement below.

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