At SXSW, Sony's putting people in digital hamster balls

Get the Full StoryEver wonder how much fun it would be to roll around in a hamster ball?

It’s hell.

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At SXSW, my colleague Karissa Bell and I got to experience this fun activity at Sony's Wow Studio activation thanks to the power of cameras, projections, and a Microsoft Kinect sensor RIP .

We weren't actually inside of any giant see-through balls, but it sure felt that way.

In one of the "Interactive Cube" installation's demos called "Roving Rover," two players compete head-to-head to roll through a lunar-like terrain to reach the end.

Projectors cast a see-through ball onto a transparent screen behind both players and the lunar terrain onto a wall in front of them. Read more...More about Gadgets, Sony, Sxsw, Sxsw 2018, and Tech