Sony's augmented reality air hockey is better than the real deal

Get the Full StoryIn the future, all your air hockey games could be in augmented reality.

Now, thanks to Sony, we have an idea of just how cool that could be. The company was demoing a new augmented reality air hockey concept at SXSW, and it was impressively fun.

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Officially called "A i R Hockey," the concept combined Sony's light projection tech and haptic sensors to create a next-level air hockey game.

The game, which supports up to four players at once, starts out with a regular air hockey puck that players bat around into each other's goals. Soon, virtual pucks are projected onto the table and added to the mix. The paddles are equipped with haptic sensors that vibrate each time you touch a puck. Read more...More about Tech, Gadgets, Sony, Sxsw, and Augmented Reality