10 weird wedding registry gifts newlyweds have actually asked for

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Wedding gift registries can contain some bizarre things.

People have requested hatchets, lawn ornaments, a churro machine, and junk food.

Some people have also requested expensive items like a couples retreat and a Vespa.

When it comes to your wedding registry, there are a few essentials you should most definitely add, but the line between essentials and unconventionals is curiously thin. Perhaps you’ve even seen something super bizarre on a pal’s registry and thought, “Hmm, why?” Curious for some hilarious examples because they HAD to exist , we tapped our readers via Facebook for some of the stranger things couples have selected. Read on for 10 of the wildest wedding gift registry items.

1. Lawn Ornaments: “A ceramic rooster the size of a garden gnome.” — Kristen SSee the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: This artist makes the tiniest wedding cakesSee Also:15 pregnancy rules the royal family has to followListening to music while you work out might actually help you burn more caloriesThe secret to having better sex might be as simple as getting more sleep