The OnePlus 6 already looks like the best Android value of 2018

Get the Full StoryI always get giddy like a kid whenever OnePlus tells me they’ve got a new phone to show me.

This explosion of uncontainable excitement now happens twice a year. And this time the new phone that has me looking like the emoji with two hearts for eyes 😍: the OnePlus 6.

It always feels like it’s too soon for a new OnePlus phone, but that’s also the company’s smart strategy for bringing devices to market: Expect the unexpected and deliver the best product as soon as it’s good to go.

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Since the original OnePlus One, the Chinese startup’s phones have followed a linear design evolution over the years. Placed next to each other, you can see the shared DNA each one possesses. Read more...More about Mobile, Gadgets, Android, Smartphones, and Oneplus