The mysterious lives of the 3 kids who are believed to be Kim Jong Un's

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is believed to have three children with his wife Ri Sol-ju.

There are few details on the kids, but they're believed to be between the ages of 10 months and 7 years old.

The eldest child is believed to be a boy who is expected to one day succeed Kim.

Like much of North Korea, the personal and family life of its dictator Kim Jong Un is shrouded in secrecy.

Though the North Korean leader made a historic appearance at this week's summit in Singapore with US President Donald Trump, he remains an object of wild speculation and curiosity throughout much of the western world.

Little is known about his wife, Ri Sol-ju, and even less is known about the three young children the couple is believed to have.

Most of the currently available information about the family comes from South Korea's National Intelligence Service. But former US basketball star Dennis Rodman has also spoken to media about holding one of Kim's children during one of his controversial visits to the Hermit Kingdom, though the details he provided have not been independently corroborated.

Here's everything we know:Most sources agree that Kim and his wife have had three children since their secretive marriage in 2009.

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Kim's first child is believed to be a boy, born in 2010, and his second child was likely a daughter born in 2013. The fact that Kim has at least one male heir likely means that he would eventually succeed Kim to continue the family's dictatorship dynasty.


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But the gender of Kim's third child, remains unknown. The child is believed to have been born in February 2017.


Source: Business Insider

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