This Video of a Little Boy Dancing in a Krispy Kreme Hat Will Take Your Mood From 0 to 100 Real Quick

Get the Full StoryIf anyone needs a laugh! Here you go! #dancesmoves #lipsyncing #boomchakalaka #lovehimsomuch #justmakesmesmile #sweetboy #mysunshinePosted by Elizabeth Burns on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Whether you're celebrating a promotion at work or are just happy there's no traffic on your morning commute, we all need a little go-to celebratory dance. Thankfully, Elizabeth Burns, a mom with a cute toddler on her hands, answered our prayers in the dance move department by posting an adorable video of her son to Facebook.

Enter a blond little boy who is legitimately breaking it down to "Boom Chicka Boom" while sporting only a diaper and a Krispy Kreme hat - which also seems totally appropriate - and voil ! You have all the moves you need. And an extra adorable touch? His amazing attempt at lip-synching. We seriously can't get enough of it!


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