Kim Kardashian made 500,000 for a single Instagram post more than the president makes in a year

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Kim Kardashian West made 500,000 from a single sponsored Instagram post in 2015, according to a contract obtained by medical journalism website Stat News.

For comparison purposes, the president's annual salary is 400,000.

Kardashian West has turned her massive social media following into a fortune of 350 million, according to Forbes.

She makes millions promoting products to her 205 million fans on social media and selling her own apps and emojis.

With a single Instagram post, Kim Kardashian West managed to make more money than the president makes in a year. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Why Rolex watches are so expensiveSee Also:A woman paid off 70,000 in debt by following 4 simple rulesPeople are telling Kim Kardashian to 'sit like a lady' in a recent photo and the comments reveal a concerning pattern of sexismHere's how much it costs to live in 10 US cities that have tons of jobs right now