Build-A-Bear's 'Pay Your Age' day was an absolute disaster

Get the Full StoryBuild-A-Bear Workshop is a childhood staple, but according to some angry parents, it's just going to remind their children of a horrible day at the mall.

The toyshop ran a one-day promotion on Thursday, promising customers that they could pay their age for any stuffed animal. Bears typically cost anywhere from 14 to upwards of 60.

Except, the fun summer activity did not go as planned.

The rumors are true! 🎉 July 12 is the first-ever Pay Your Age Day at Build-A-Bear Workshop! For one day only, you can pay your age for ANY, we repeat, ANY furry friend at the Workshop ! Full Details US CAN: https: NumcznV7vt UK: https: hHhpIi9F6s UWXyMDm4x6

— Build-A-Bear Workshop buildabear July 9, 2018

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