These Are the Exact Workouts I Do in a Week to Build Muscle - You Can Do Them Too!

Get the Full StoryWhen I'm not writing about health and wellness, I'm training clients, modeling, and finding the time to get my own workouts in. The two questions I get asked the most are how often I work out and what exactly I do in the gym. My answer: it's always changing. Sometimes I work out five to six times a week, and other times it's three days max. My preferred style of training is weightlifting, specifically Olympic weightlifting, and I also love to sprint.

Continue reading to see what an average week of working out looks like for me. Since everyone's strength levels vary, I did not include the exact weights I lift. Instead, I included weights that should work for beginners to advanced lifters. If you plan on doing these workouts, choose a weight that will challenge you, make any modifications necessary, and always warm up and cool down.


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