Twix and Snickers Chocolate Milk Is Here, and They're What Candy-Loving Dreams Are Made Of

Get the Full StorySorry, Lizzie McGuire, but dreams aren't made of pretending to be an Italian pop star - they're made of candy bar-flavored chocolate milk, which is now a reality, thanks to Nestl . Twix and Snickers chocolate milk products are rolling out at convenience stores this month, and I had the chance to taste-test both flavors ahead of their official release. Are they sugary AF? Yes. Are they also packed with calcium and protein? You betcha!

Just one sip of the creamy Twix milk is like a caramel-y punch in the tastebuds, in the best way possible, with a sweet, syrupy aftertaste. Meanwhile, the Snickers milk boasted a bolder, nuttier flavor with a chocolate taste that leans more toward dark chocolate than milk. Oh, the tantrums childhood me would have thrown to make my mom buy these in bulk back in the day! Modern-day me, however, fully intends on using these as a substitute coffee creamer for a candy-flavored cup o' Joe.

Ahead, take a look at the nutritional breakdown for both the Twix and Snickers chocolate milk each 14-ounce bottle has 14 grams of protein! , and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for 'em in the refrigerator aisle in the coming weeks.


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