How to make a pie chart from your spreadsheet data in Microsoft Excel in 5 easy steps

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You can easily make a pie chart in Excel, which is a great way to make numeric data appreciable at a glance, without the need for a deep dive into facts and figures.

Excel can use the information already entered into a series of cells aligned in either a row or column of a spreadsheet to make a pie chart.

Pie charts can be moved around within the Excel sheet and can also be dragged into other programs, such as Word or PowerPoint to dress up reports, presentations, and papers.

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One option for sharing reports with your team is to simply rattle off numbers. Think something like this: "We allocated 10 of operating budget to maintenance, 15 to hardware upgrades, 18 to renegotiated insurance and " so on. You've already lost their attention.

Numbers aren't that interesting when spoken about. But when your team can see the data laid out in a visual format, suddenly it all makes sense. Pie charts are a great way to present numerical data because they make comparing the magnitude of various numbers quick and easy, while also making the larger data set appreciable at a glance.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Inside the US government's top-secret bioweapons labSee Also:How to turn off notifications on Windows 10 for individual programs, or all at onceHow to change the Notes settings on your iPhone to customize how notes are started, saved, and displayed'Can you get Microsoft Word on an iPad?': Yes, you can here's how to download and set it upSEE ALSO: The best all-in-one PCs you can buy