'Ramy' Season 2 wants you to face your discomfort

Get the Full StoryEveryone makes mistakes in this life, and we have the choice to learn, grow, and put them behind us. But in Ramy Season 2 on Hulu, old regrets give way to new ones, and our protagonist's missteps amplify in magnitude as he tries to live a righteous life. Much of it is uncomfortable, confusing, and not exactly compulsively rewatchable. Yet Ramy remains an exceptional show you can't miss.

Season 2 catches up with Ramy Ramy Youssef visibly depressed after his trip to Egypt, spending most of his time alone watching porn and masturbating. An early intervention from his friends brings up the question we were too afraid to ask, but have probably pondered since finishing Season 1: Did Ramy hook up with his cousin? Read more...More about Entertainment, Hulu, Tv Review, Ramy, and Ramy Youssef