Shocking upset! Watch Lomachenko lose to Lopez

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The top pound-for-pound boxer has been upset. Vasyl Lomachenko has lost.

The top pound-for-pound boxer started slow, and it ended up costing him the fight against Teofimo Lopez. Lomachenko turned it up late, winning a stretch of late rounds, but it wasn t enough for him to overcome the deficit and win a decision. Lopez is now the undisputed lightweight world champion after a surprisingly wide unanimous decision.

Watch highlights of the entertaining fight below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the contest.

Lomachenko hasn t found many openings but he found a home for the counter left in the second round. #LomaLopez P97wFc2cdp ESPN Ringside ESPNRingside October 18, 2020

You were waiting for Loma to step on the gas?Round 8 just got everyone to the edge of their seats. #LomaLopez LIVE NOW on ESPN Esv1AERusU Top Rank Boxing trboxing October 18, 2020

ALL ON THE LINE IN ROUND 12!!!Think these guys want it? Man ...#LomaLopez LIVE NOW on ESPN XquHwYUpnB Top Rank Boxing trboxing October 18, 2020

That's how you close it, fellas ... So, who took it??#LomaLopez LIVE on ESPN KHKRz4NPN8 Top Rank Boxing trboxing October 18, 2020

THE MOMENT!!Go full screen and soak this all in.#TheTakeover was more than just a nickname all along for TeofimoLopez #LomaLopez 5IEl1i209h Top Rank Boxing trboxing October 18, 2020

Round 11

Finally an exchange! That Loma got the best of. He s walking Lopez down with his jab. Deep waters indeed. Now Loma is being Loma. Straight left. Lopez goes back to the body, he s still there. Left from Loma. Straight right. Brutal body shot. They lock up and Loma lands, probably illegally. But Lopez is slowing down. Did he let this go too late though? 10-9 Loma. One round left.

Round 12

Loma immediately presses. Lopez jabs to try to maintain distance. Loma with the lead left. Lopez with a nice right. They clinch and Lopez isn t f ing around, he lands a right hook inside before the break. They trade hard. Where was this in round 3? Lopez shoulder rolls into the clinch. One minute left. Loma backs him up. Beauty left from Lopez inside! Body! LOMA IS ON HIS BACK FOOT! This man just beat Hi-Tech I think. Wow, what? Lopez is cut? Was that a clash of heads? There s like 10 seconds left? The ref restarts them, and they go to town! And Lopez gets the best of it! WOW AGAIN! 10-9 Lopez. 115-113 Lopez. On my card.

Teofimo Lopez defeated Vasyl Lomachenko via unanimous decision 116-112, 119-109, 117-111