How returnships can help during a female-led recession

Get the Full StoryNine years out of the workforce, Soumya Shridharan s job prospects looked thin. She had five years under her belt, working in software development in India. But she stayed home with her young child when she moved to the United States so her husband could attend graduate school.

When she launched her job search, she got little response to the countless applications she sent out. I knew I had it in me to do it, but nothing was happening, said Shridharan, who lives near Seattle.


For Shridharan, the answer was reacHIRE, which runs return-to-work internships at companies across the country. Along with a group of other women, T-Mobile brought Shridharan on for six months to work and brush up on skills. All of us secured full-time jobs at the end of the six months, said Shridharan, an analyst for the communications giant. Read more...More about Social Good, Gender Equality, Women In The Workplace, Social Good, and Work Life