Car screens didn't just go big at CES. They went 3D, with game-worthy graphics.

Get the Full StoryThe upcoming Cadillac Lyriq SUV is the first electric car for the Cadillac car brand, but it's the reimagined dashboard display spanning 33 inches across that attracts the most attention. Mercedes-Benz also has a massive 56-inch Hyperscreen that will be available soon in its first EV.

These car screens and others introduced at the annual tech show CES feature a new user interface that looks more like a well-rendered video game than an infotainment display to turn up the heat or play a podcast.

Past CES shows used to wow with announcements about bigger and bigger dashboard screens, but now it's about what's on them. Images literally pop thanks to 3D renderings, and augmented reality projections layer information on top of the real world. Read more...More about Ces, Screens, Infotainment, Tech, and Transportation