This 'Shark Tank' TP spray is a more eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes

Get the Full StoryTL;DR: Ditch your flushable wipes for the Pristine toilet paper spray, on sale for 10.99 as of April 8.

Here s a pro tip for you: Just because a wipe says it s flushable doesn t mean it is.

Many of the so-called flushable wipe brands will actually clog up your septic tank, damage equipment, and combine with cooking fats and other items to build a giant, disgusting glob of waste.

If you re hellbent on using a wet wipe when you go to the bathroom, check out the Pristine toilet paper spray instead. It s a flushable wet wipe alternative that's actually flushable.

The premise is simple. Spritz your typical toilet paper with the Pristine spray and add natural cleansing, moisturizing, and soothing ingredients to it that simulate the feeling and cleaning power of a wet wipe. It s made with witch hazel, aloe leaf juice, apricot oil, and other fragrance-free, hypoallergenic ingredients, making it safe for sensitive skin. And the plant-based, biodegradable spray won't wreak havoc on your pipes or plumbing system every time you flush. Read more...More about Home, Toilet Paper, Eco Friendly, Mashable Shopping, and Culture