Open Post: Hosted By Henry Winkler Banning The F-Word From His TikToks

Get the Full StoryRetro fantasy fuckboy and current darling granddaddy, Henry Winkler, has mastered the art of implying fuck you in a very subtle way while still coming off sweet and endearing, like that time he showed up Trump by drinking a glass of water one-handed with ease, or that other time when he seemingly shaded Tom Hanks by saying Hooch was his favorite while briefly working on Turner & Hooch. If you re an Arthur Fonzarelli fanatic who s dreamt of watching Henry twerk it in only a leather jacket to Closer by Nine Inch Nails, then you re out of luck, because he said that he won t be TikTok dancing to any songs with fuck in them.

76-year-old Henry recently told Page Six that his granddaughter convinced him to shake that thing on TikTok. His only rule? No fuck words.

I am only a TikTok star because my granddaughter India said, Papa, you have to make a video, the Barry actor, who has six grandchildren, tells Page Six about his newest job title. One of his other granddaughters, Lulu, was in charge of music selection and that s where Papa put his foot down. We threw a lot of songs out because I said, I cannot have the word f k in the music, he explains. That s it, I don t have a lot of requests but that s one of them. So we had to go through a lot of songs and then we did it and boom.

Here s Henry s one of his TikToks featuring his grandkids India, Lulu, and Ace dancing to When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls. Shhh, no one tell Henry the rumors about what the PCDs were a front for :


My grandchilden

When I Grow Up Showmusik Remix Showmusik Sounds

Here are Henry s entrancing undulations to Somebody s Watching Me by Rockwell:


Happy New Year, happy dance!

somebodys watching me

And here s a super wholesome and adorable one that features him singing instead of dancing.


original sound Henry

I support more of this innocent grandparent content and less Jiggle Jiggle song-type nonsense. I would guess that Henry s favorite f-word is Fonzie rather than fuck, because those leather jacket and aaaaaay! -ing royalties probably keep him rich as fu I mean rich as hell. Apologies, Papa, I have no control over my indecency.