Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski Went Public With Their Love At A Knicks Game

Get the Full StoryEven though Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski have only been going together for two-ish weeks, my Pisces-psychic energy tells me they were always meant to be. Emily s marriage to that cheating Bear guy was nothing more than a glitch in the Matrix. But PetRat credit: Vanessa was in the stars! A couple of days ago, it was reported that 31-year-old Emily and 29-year-old Pete spent Thanksgiving dinner together with friends. Then, last night, PetRat took things to the next level. They made their official couple debut at the Knicks game. Calling it now: Pete will have Emily s face tattooed on his face by Christmas.

EmRat & the P-Slut sat courtside, in between Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, and Jordin Sparks. They were photographed laughing and talking and watching the game duh . Here are the pics:

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson attends New York Knicks Basketball game. GsBLWEYwJf

21metgala 21metgala November 28, 2022

And here are a couple of clips from TV. Please note that the first announcer calls Pete Pete Davis. Poor Pete Davis. All that thirsty attention whoring with Kim Kardashian, and he still hasn t achieved Ben Stiller-levels of fame:


Jessica Benson jessbensontv November 27, 2022

A star-studded celebrity row at The Garden to watch Grizzlies Knicks! RJKvYQi4bX

NBA NBA November 28, 2022

TMZ reports that Em and Pete left the game at halftime, because their job was complete. They had been seen, in real life, in photos, on TV, and on the Jumbotron. Who cares about the Knicks vs. the Grizzlies? Who cares who scored the most goals? Who cares about lay-ups, dribbles, and basket hoops? Not I. I care about Emily and Pete fulfilling their destiny. Their romance is the only thing that makes sense in this broken, messy world.

Pic: Backgrid