The Jury In Danny Masterson s Rape Trial Was Ordered To Restart Deliberations After Two Jurors Were Replaced Due To COVID-19

Get the Full StoryI m not sure what a typical Thanksgiving meal looks like for a Scientologist, but I m fairly certain, in my bones, that those phony fuckers can t cook for shit. There s probably some tenant against real butter and I m fairly certain everything is salty as hell, so they spend all weekend on the toilet pissing out make-believe toxins. So no matter what whack-ass food you might have had to choke down over the holiday, just know that Danny Masterson had it worse. Not only did his Thanksgiving turkey probably get audited, overbrined, and stuffed with 5,000 mg of niacin, he also had to choke on the fact that a deadlocked jury would be returning to their deliberations to determine his guilt or innocence on three counts of forceable rape.

There s gotta be a good reason for the saying Never trust a Scientologist bearing pie, and I, for one, hope never to learn what it is. According to Variety, on November 18, the jury was deadlocked after three days of deliberation. At that time, Judge Charlaine Olmedo declined the defense s motion for a mistrial and ordered the jury to continue deliberations this week after the Thanksgiving holiday. However, two of those jurors did not return yesterday after testing positive for COVID-19 and have been replaced with alternates, forcing the jury to begin deliberations anew.

The jury in the Danny Masterson rape trial was told Monday to start its deliberations from scratch on Monday, after two members of the panel were excused due to testing positive for COVID-19.

The jury had informed Judge Charlaine Olmedo on Nov. 18 that it was unable to reach a verdict on any of three charges of forcible rape. That announcement came after nearly three days of deliberations. Olmedo ordered the jurors to return Monday and continue to deliberate.

Two of the jurors informed the court on Sunday that they had tested positive for COVID-19 and were experiencing symptoms, Olmedo said in court on Monday morning. She replaced those jurors with two alternates, and informed the new panel that they must start their deliberations all over again, as if the earlier deliberations had not taken place.

The jury had been made up of seven women and five men. It is now six men and six women.

The most fucked up part of this situation is that they probably make the turkey pay for its own auditing sessions before getting slaughtered, whereas Danny probably gets a discount on services as he continues to be a litigant and a liability. So let s hope that this new jury delivers #Justice4TomTheTurkey by making sure Danny s goose isn t cooked in vain.

Pic: Alys Kenny