Pigtail Hairstyles Are Having Resurgence Right Now

Get the Full StoryIf you've been keeping up with the coquette hair trend, then you've likely noticed a recurring style pop up: pigtails. From intricate, editorial-like braids to simple low ponytails secured with bows framing each side of the face, the hairstyle has become synonymous with the TikTok-famous aesthetic. Pigtails aren't a novel hairstyle by any means - in fact, you may have worn the style throughout your youth because it was quick, easy, and incredibly adorable. However, today's pigtails are anything but elementary. "

Usually they are lower and braided, but they can be higher on the head as well, akin to Baby Spice's signature look from the '90s," Devin Toth, hairstylist at Salon SCK, tells PS. In 2024, they are elevated and, dare we say, chic AF. Ahead, Toth explains how to style your pigtails to make your hair the envy of everyone that you come across. You're welcome.

Why Are Pigtail Hairstyles Trending?

Pigtails are perfectly positioned as the coquette aesthetic takes over our social media feeds. "They're trending right now because they're easy and can be done on dirty hair without hot tools," Toth says. "Plus, they give a '90s vibe, especially if you pair them with a center or zig-zag part."

Much like the other styles within the coquette trend, pigtails can be cute while also being reliable - it's a look you can fall back on when in a pinch.

How to Style Pigtails on All Hair Types

Pigtails can work on any hair type. "There are really no rules for pigtails when it comes to hair texture and length," Toth says. "You can work with what you have or you can alter the texture of your hair with products and thermal styling tools or add extensions for wiggle room if you have a shorter cut."

Curly and coily hair tends to be more voluminous than its counterparts naturally, so play around with the positioning of each puff to ensure your curls are on full display. "Whatever the texture or length, the style will still tap into that iconic pigtail look and vibe if it incorporates the signature two parallel ponytails," Toth says. "They can be stubby, bubbly, smooth, slightly bumpy - it doesn't really matter. The best part about pigtails is that there are endless variations of the same look."

Are you on the hunt for your own version of the trend? Keep reading for some inspiration.