24 mind-blowing facts about Warren Buffett and his 70 billion fortune

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With a net worth of over 70 billion, Warren Buffett is the second-richest person in the world, behind only his good friend Bill Gates.

But to those who knew him from the beginning, Buffett's success comes as no surprise: He was picking out stocks at 11 years old and had amassed the equivalent of 53,000 in today's dollars by the time he was 16.

Inspired by a Quora thread asking "What are some mind-blowing facts about Warren Buffett," we rounded up 24 astonishing facts about the "Oracle from Omaha" and his massive amount of wealth.

This is an update of an article originally written by Kathleen Elkins.While his elementary school classmates were dreaming about the major leagues and Hollywood, 10-year old Buffett was having lunch with a member of the New York Stock Exchange and setting life goals.

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Buffett's legendary career all began with an epiphany at age 10 when he was on a trip to New York City with his dad.

Dining with a member of the NYSE planted the idea in young Buffett's head to organize his life around money.

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He bought his first stock at age 11.


He purchased multiple shares of Cities Service Preferred for 38 apiece.

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When Buffett was a teen, he was already raking in about 175 a month more than his teachers and most adults .

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He pulled this off by dutifully delivering the Washington Post.

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