9 gadgets and accessories that solve our biggest travel annoyances

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As fun as traveling is, it can also be stressful. A recent study found that 37 of American vacationers delay or cancel a trip due to the stress of planning it, and 30 of travelers takes at least two vacation days to feel fully relaxed.

Frantically charging your nearly dead phone right before you board a long flight and listening to the baby in the row behind you for six hours takes its toll.

So I asked the Insider Picks team to share the products they use to make traveling less stressful. The items on this list tackle problems we've personally encountered, but we encourage you to email us at insiderpicks businessinsider.com if we missed your biggest travel gripe.Sanitizing wipes to clean your hands as you go from place to place


I once read an article about how many germs live on airplanes and got really freaked out. Ever since then, I bring Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes with me to wipe down the surfaces I'm likely to touch on the plane. They're also handy when you get to your destination and you need wipes to clean your hands as you go from place to place.

You never know when you're going to accidentally touch something gross!

— Malarie Gokey, guides editor, Insider Picks

PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes, 8.28 for box of six

A carry-on suitcase that charges your devices

Avery Hartmans Business Insider

I reviewed Away’s smart carry-on in June 2016, and I have not flown without it since then. It comes with a removable interior 10,000 mAh battery and two USB ports, so I can easily charge up my phone and other devices before a long flight. There’s nothing worse than being caught with a dead phone, and this suitcase has saved me from that fate more than a few times.

— Ellen Hoffman, Insider Picks editor

Away Carry-On Suitcase, 225

A small crossbody bag that keeps you organized


One of my biggest travel annoyances is going through the various stages of airport security and fumbling around with all the compartments of my bags as I try to find my necessary accessories or documents. A simple solution that makes a big difference for me is wearing a small crossbody bag in front of me that holds my most important essentials — my passport, important IDs and credit cards, boarding pass, phone, and lip balm — and has a zipper for easy accessibility.

— Connie Chen, Insider Picks intern

Cuyana Mini Tassel Bag, 150

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