The Quest To Use Big Data And Community Toilets To Create A Model For Building Urban Sanitation

Get the Full StoryIn the Indian city of Pune, tricking out community toilets with wifi and sensors could be the way to create a modern waste management system and become a “smart sanitation city.”

A city of over 3 million people in western India, Pune is unique for having one of the most robust sewer systems in the country: While no city in India has a sewer system that reaches its entire population, Pune is just one of four, alongside Chennai, Surat, and Gurgaon, whose network of closed drains connects over 70 of the city. That, however, does not mean it’s effective. Around 64 of Pune’s sewage water goes untreated, and the contaminated fluids that leak into drinking water supplies exacerbate diseases like cholera and E. coli among the region’s residents.Read Full Story