Taste and texture are usually the downfall of vegan or vegetarian meat products but this company's burgers and sausages pass both tests with flying colors

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Field Roast

Your dietary restrictions shouldn’t restrict you from participating in everyone’s favorite summertime activity — grilling.

While carnivores will tell you that there’s absolutely no substitute for a juicy, meaty burger or spicy, delectable sausage, they probably haven’t tried Field Roast.

Sure, if your idea of deliciousness is a bacon-wrapped T-bone, then these vegetable and grain-based offerings may not be for you.

But if you’re looking for a meat substitute that doesn’t skimp on flavor, has a convincing texture, and may just make you think twice about your meat-eating ways, Field Roast is for you.

Best of all, Field Roast is available on Amazon Fresh, so if you’ve just invited your friends over for a barbecue and have forgotten about the one vegetarian in the bunch, don’t worry — just have Amazon deliver these vegan "meats" straight to your door.

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